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The story of our logo

When we were opening a new bakery in Jersey City in 2014, we wanted to celebrate our hometown in Italy, where we were born and grew up for more than 30 years, so we decided to call it Prato. The next step was to find a logo.. What should we choose to represent what we do and what we are? There were two things that could perfectly do that: the Emperor's castle, a medieval castle that is the symbol of Prato, and the cantucci, a culinary tradition of Prato that comes from the late 1800. After a whole day of thinking and sketching (not our thing, sketching, btw), we came up with the idea of putting the castle on top of a cantuccio! We discussed the idea with our Italian web designers of Creative Intelligence and it became our signature logo! We are proud to say that this logo means the world to us: it came from our heart, from our love for our city and the passion for the tradition of the culinary products that we bake everyday.


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