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Pan di ramerino: a recipe from the Middle Ages

Prato Bakery's Pan di Ramerino

Pan di Ramerino is a sweet roll with raisins and rosemary ('ramerino' is rosemary in Tuscan dialect) that can be found in any bakery in the Florentine area nowadays but its origins started in the 12th century!

This kind of bread, a perfect balance between savory and sweet, was originally intended as a devotional product, with each of its flavors tied to symbolic significance. It was considered an Easter bread in the Catholic religion and sold by vendors outside the church, often blessed by the priest. The bread and raisins are metaphors of life, immortality and prosperity (grapes) which represent the Holy Communion, while the rosemary, a plant that abundantly grows in Tuscany, in the Middle Ages was thought to keep away evil spirits.

Centuries have passed and beliefs may have changed but the recipe has remained more or less the same and every Tuscan can have his Pan di Ramerino every time of the year.

At Prato Bakery we bake it everyday with our best ingredients and if you come early in the morning you can smell the amazing fragrance of rosemary filling up the store! Pan di Ramerino can be eaten by itself with a cappuccino or used in your basked of bread at the table. Buon appetito!


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