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Our Cantucci

The biscuits of Prato, also known as “cantucci” or “cantuccini” are one of the glories of our city. The characteristic that makes them different from biscotti is that the cantucci are not as crispy. They are baked daily in our bakery in Jersey City with the finest ingredients following an original antique recipe. Another specialty of the city of Prato are the ‘brutti buoni’ (literally ‘ugly but good’), made with a delicate almond paste and cooked at a low
temperature to ensure the fragrance. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, the brutti buoni and the cantucci are usually served as dessert with a glass of Tuscan Vin Santo. Our specialty are the cantucci variants with chocolate, figs, prune and apricot that unlike the classic almond, are deliciously softer. 

You can order our cantucci here,  we ship in all US. For bigger orders, corporate gifts or special shipping requests, email us at We are able to accommodate large orders for your holiday gifts or a special occasion!


Our Schiacciata

The flagship of the Tuscan street food is the crunchy and tasty Tuscan focaccia also known as "schiacciata", filled with the best 'affettato' and vegetables and perfect accompaniment to meats and cheeses.


Following the traditional recipe, our schiacciata is baked every day in our bakery in Jersey City. Only three ingredients are used, flour, yeast and Tuscan olive oil (no fat or butter) but what makes it delicious is the work of the baker with the dough. A true espression of food art!

For a complete meal, full of flavor and absolutely genuine, Prato Bakery offers its focaccia sandwiches, always prepared fresh with selected italian ingredients of the highest quality. We have a great selection
of cured meats and homemade vegetables for over 20 different sandwiches that include vegetarian and vegan options. You can always choose your own ingredients and we'll prepare the best sandwich for you. Check out also our focaccia with toppings and our selection of ‘pizza al taglio’.

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