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Prato Bakery at Watch What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen

February 28 2023, a night to remember.

We have been invited to participate as The Bartenters to the show with Andy Cohen. We displayed our schiacciata best seller sandwiches and our cantucci. Andy is a big fan of them, and even though he keeps calling them BISCOTTI… we forgive him because he’s such a nice guy!!

We ship our cantucci nationwide, as he mentioned, so place your order now and choose your packaging and the flavors you want here ON LINE STORE

The same night of the Live, our shop online was burning up with new orders and our email crashed for the many emails from all over the nation complimenting us and asking to ship our sandwiches too!! Sorry, we can’t do that.. But come visit Prato Bakery in our Jersey City and Hoboken locations for the most fresh and delicious schiacciata sandwiches.

We want to thank Andy and all the crew and at WWHL for the wonderful and fun night! But mostly we want to thank YOU for all your support and kind words, Grazie!

If you missed us, look at the aftershow in this link

Grazie Andy, WWHL and to all of you


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